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Tha Winter Wench 2007

There have been no posts here for almost a month now. I know, you ask, “Adam, what’s the deal man?” The answer…?

It is Winter.

Winter rears its cold, icy, ugly head the same time every year. Right around February, everything ices up and it suddenly becomes “too cold” to kayak (obviously, this is a relative term for some people). With estimated temperatures hovering around an average of 10-15 degrees F., the kind of temperatures where your exposed skin hates you for being exposed, I thereby declared it was too cold to kayak.

But wait! Alas, there have to be those days of redemption; the days where that evil wench we call winter lets up? Possibly. In early January, we had a few fortunate days of rain and very unseasonable temperatures.

Check out the Winter in WV Video HERE

Low Res version here

When will this cold wench let up? Don’t know, care lots. As for the near future (by the end of February), keep your eyes glued to the Team Riot Blog for a tutorial on things that you can do to entertain yourself during the cold months (Flatwater looping and Mary-Lou’s most likely).

Cheers, stay warm, and hope for rain combined with warm weather,

-Adam Johnson

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