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New River Dries – Crap your pants good…

Oh yeah, thats right, it is s!@t yourself good. I wont talk much more because it does not need explaining. Just CLICK HERE to check out the video or just look at the pix below. Adam Clean blunting on the top green waveYonton on the Bottom right waveAdam Blunts on the top wave @ 30,000 in the Riot Astro 58Jared Seiler Putting out the fire
Jared Blunts
Adam mid-Panam
Kirk about to get swallowed by the wave
David Finney out in the middle
Yonton Mehler on the Dries at ~40 grand
Old Schoolin’- Unknown boater in a Pirouette
Well, thats all for now. Looks like the dries will run again tomorrow, 3/17, so check back later for more updates.

-Adam Johnson

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