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Little White Salmon Art & Photos…

Here are some video rips from the Little White Salmon river (OR) from 2004. The drops pictured are Wishbone (~14′) and Spirit Falls (~33′). Enjoy!

Kevin Dombey on Wishbone. This was a big boof in a classic boof boat–the Sniper!

Andrew Holcombe runs 33 foot Spirit Falls. Stylin’.

This is actually an image marked up from Adobe Illustrator. The paddler is Whitney Lonsdale on Wishbone Falls, Little White Salmon River. Design by Adam Johnson.

Tyler Bradt on Spirit. He landed a bit flat and crooked, but it turned out, as Tyler would say, “chill brough”.

More art from Illustrator. A composite of Whitney on wishbone.

Thats all for now on this one. Stay tuned to here and the Riot Blog for some great kayaking (creek and play) from West “by god” Virginia.

Keep it real!

-Adam Johnson

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