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Wonder Falls: Big Sandy River and Gauleyfest Coming Forthwith

The other week we had some rain whereupon the rivers rose and, well, paddlers of northern West Virginia went paddling. During that week Ed Gaker and I were able to get on Toyota Falls (which is apparently on Deckers Creek [?] behind the Toyota dealership in Morgantown (a series of slides dropping about 45-60 vertical feet in about a hundred yards), the Cascades of Deckers Creek (4 6-10′ waterfalls), and, finally, the Big Sandy river. This was all over the course of three days. The weekend followed with a sweet Upper Blackwater run.

Adam Johnson on Wonder Falls, Big Sandy River, WV
Photo: Ed Gaker

There were a couple of photos from the Big Sandy mission. Alas, no photos were taken from the more interesting stuff (as we were paddling close to dusk both times. Ed actually ran Toyota Falls pretty much in the dark, which was interesting). Not a bad way to start the very first week at a new school (WVU!).

Ed Gaker on 100 Yard Dash, Upper Blackwater, Davis WV.

Also, Gauleyfest is coming! September 21-23 is the weekend of the festival. Come out and run the Gauley river (Upper IV-V, Middle III-IV, Lower III+-IV+) then come to the festival on Saturday night in Summersville WV. The Riot Team will be hosting its Karaoke activities as usual, with a record number of prizes to give away for those who step up to the plate! So, come out, paddle, catch up with old friends, and, most importantly, have fun.

Thats it for now. Check back later for more.

-Adam Johnson

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