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Spring Update…

Ben Ledewitz (photomerge) runs the seldom run left line at Edge of the World, Deckers Creek, WV.

With another spring in full swing out here in WV, I thought that I would post a few photos from some recent adventures.

Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to paddle the Green in NC, along with several good runs here in “god’s country”. Although not quite as good as last spring, this spring has provided stable boating through March and April.

Sweet photo by Ed Gaker of Adam Johnson running Carcass, Deckers Creek, WV.

Deckers Creek has run a bit through March and early April; however, most of the locals are itching to get back out there. As of late, the leaves have sprouted on most trees and our hopes of getting on seldom-seen creeks are diminishing.

Ed Gaker runs Glutial Mash, NF Blackwater, WV.
This spring has provided us with several runs down the North Fork of the Blackwater. The most recent (this past Friday, April 24th), Don Smith and I were able to remove the log out of Rainbow Room, seen HERE. The log proved to be jammed in between two rocks and an undercut, so we had to snap it in half via a Z-drag and ghetto anchor to remove it. The log now spans across the stream, underwater, and out of play just below this drop:
The log is currently underwater and across the stream directly below and to the left from this photo. Double Endemnity and Rainbow Room can be seen in the background. Photo: Ed Gaker
A big thanks goes out to Brian Randall and Jon Eingermeier for letting me crash at their house whilst in NC. Another big thanks goes out to the people at Green River Adventures for helping me run shuttle for my solo run. Thanks fellas’!
While down there, I missed the Raven Fork by a day but was able to get on the Green for the first time since 2004. I got to run the monkey once at ~100% and then avoided it like the plauge over the next few 60% days.
Gorilla Panorama. Andrew Robinson launches in. Photo: Adam Johnson
One thing I learned about the Green @ 60% is that the locals hate it. They won’t even run it. Whilst I was there, I ran it two times at 60% and found it low but very runnable. Granted, it was the spring; I could see how a summer 60% could suck, but it seemed very doable during the time I was there.
Don Smith runs Double Endemnity, NF Blackwater, WV. Photo: Ed Gaker
Matt Fithian runs Sunshine at 60%, Green River Narrows, Saluda, NC. Photo: Andrew Robertson
Andrew and Matt enjoying a Kodak moment below Hammer Factor. Photo: Adam Johnson
One of the coolest drops to brown, Double Endemnity, NF Blackwater, WV. Photo: Ed Gaker
The end of the uphill section of the hike out for the Upper & NF of the Blackwater with the Upper B in the Background. Just one of many times up this hill…
Via the altimeter on my watch, I have calculated that this hill is roughly 300 vertical feet, just in case anyone is interested. I believe the flat stretch on the rail trail is more or less a mile long as well.
Brian Menzies goes vertical where it’s best not to go vertical on “Eyes”, Deckers Creek, WV. Photo: Ed Gaker
Ed Gaker looking real serious whilst scouting Deduction, Deckers Creek, WV.
Adam Johnson runs “Sunshine”, Green River Narrows, 60%, March 2009. Photo: Matt Fithian
Matt Fithian runs the center line at Groove Tube, Green River Narrows, NC. Photo: Adam Johnson
And that concludes this update. Want to see more photos? Click HERE. Stay tuned for (hopefully) some Colorado and California action, as well as the launch of my personal website for Graphic Design (now live HERE!). I forsee lots of driving ahead.
See you all at Cheat Fest. Run the brown.
-Adam Johnson

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