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Upper Gauley at 10,000 cfs and Cheat Canyon Wave Riding

Bryan Kirk puts on the Gauley at 10g’s

Photoupdate! Check it out.

This is Bryan in Iron Ring with a big top and bottom hole!
Ivan Stiefel, currently scheduled to teach at WCKA and recent graduate from WVU with a double major and double minor, running Iron Ring
Kirk then decided to surf it…
Sweets Falls @ 10g’s= GIGANTIC hole!
Ivan following Bryan down the right side. Don’t mess up!
For a size reference, check Bryan in the upper right hand corner.
A few days before running the Gauley, we ran the Cheat Canyon at 6.7′ on the bridge and found a sweet wave at the bottom of High Falls. All aerial tricks were possible; however, the wave was a bit finicky so you did have to work a bit. Did I mention it had eddy service? Schweet.
The High Falls Wave, 6.7′
A big un’
Ivan Stiefel: Ivan likes to go into big holes. I heard that one time he went into Big Nasty at around 5 feet. Many consider Big Nasty at 5′ to be a “Beast Level”. This is Ivan looking at this…
Big Nasty at 6.7′. Ivan rightly decided to avoid the Big Beast this day.
Chillin at the put in.
See you out there,
-Adam Johnson

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