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Rio Desahue Photo Tour

The Rio Desahue is another one of Pucon’s classic whitewater runs. The river runs via the overflow from a lake just upstream of the put-in. Because of this, the rocks in the Desahue are SHARP. Many boats have been broken on this river.

Did I mention the rock was sharp?

Did I mention the rock was sharp?

The Desahue has one rapid on it called “Ass Breaker” which is basically an 8′ vertical drop onto rocks. The first time Bryan Kirk ran it, he claimed his ass hurt for over a week afterwards. He portaged it the next time he ran the river.

Anton Imler about to break his kayak

Anton Imler about to break his kayak on "Ass Breaker"

On our second run down the Desahue, we followed Anton. He swore that he knew the line through Ass Breaker and garenteed us safe passage. Bryan bailed but I followed suit. Whodathunk that Anton connected with the rock hard and broke his kayak (and his ass). I followed right behind him and hit the rock fairly hard. Moral of the story, take the easy portage on river left!

At the very end of the run, there is a tourist attraction known as Los Ojos de Carburga–a 30′ clean waterfall. This was earlier on in our run and we made a couple of laps on the Ojos. A very picturesque drop…

Los Ojos

Los Ojos from the bottom.

Evan Garcia recently put together a video of the Desahue. Check the Desahue video out here. The Garcia’s rental house happens to be in the middle of the Desahue run. They can take out and walk to their front yard with little effort. More posts from EG here.

That’s it for now. Keep checking back for more. Cheers,

Takeout of the Rio Puesco


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