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Red Creek, WV & Dolly Sods Bomb Warning

Yes, that is right, I said “bomb”. Apparently, this place was used as a military training grounds back in the day and they used live bombs in their scenarios (or something like that). When you go to the trailhead for the hike in for red creek, you will see a warning sign foretelling the dangers of these bombs.

The interesting thing about Red Creek and these bombs, and, thus, why I am posting this, is that most of these things have been removed by the authorities; however, the authorities were unable to search for these bombs right around the creek because “the terrain down to the creek was just too steep”.
Great. Just great.
So, when you go scouting or portaging something on Red Creek, WV (or hiking in Dolly Sods for that matter), keep this little birdy in the back of your head and keep an eye out or you could end up bitz-erized in the middle of the Sods. Kaboom!
Cheers (and try not to get blown up),

-Adam Johnson

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