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Low Water Playspot on the Arden Section of the Tygart

Tygart Huck Hole (6.9mb)

Tygart Huck Hole (785kb)

This past friday, on my quest for water in good ‘ol West “by god” Virginia, I decided to head out to the Arden section of the Tygart with my buddy Ryan; we found that, as the gauge said, it was very low, especially for this time of year.

We hit up Galloway Beach, which is said to be in between roughly 5′ and 6′ on the Philippi gauge (I like it best at 5.6′ and up). The level on Friday (March 24th) was about 850cfs (4.85′), which made Galloway a bit shallow to do anything but hit rocks and bang up your boat.

So, expecting a mellow day on the river with little play, we headed downstream. I was not expecting anything more until I found this little hole.

I am not sure if anyone has “discovered” this hole or not, but I thought I would put the word out. It is located just above Undercut Rock Rapid on the river right hand side. It has a small eddy so you can do endless laps, and there is a place to park your car right next to the spot on the road.

It is a tiny little huck hole where you can throw ends for days. It is best to do lefties, however righties and both splits are possible. If you are good, you can get cleans and supercleans, low angle rightly blunts, and, if you are someone like Calef Letourney who can Tricky-whu in their sleep, I’m sure those would be possible as well (LRL). When I was there, it was hovering around 845cfs on the first day, then about 900cfs on the day pictured.

Please note that this hole is nothing spectacular at all. It can not hold a candle to Galloway Beach at a good level. It should just be used as a place to huck some ends when nothing else is running (you hit on loops here). Also note that it is above Undercut Rock rapid, making it not the best place for the faint hearted (in the words of LVM, If you donโ€™t have the skillz to pay the billz, then donโ€™t go). The eddy is a bit tight, but certainly catchable (I only missed it once out of two sessions). But, overall, a good place to have a session.

I bet this hole is in all the way up to the point Galloway Beach starts coming in. I bet you could go and throw left down to 4.5′ (just guessing…). I figured its a place to huck yourself and get a good workout when almost nothing else is going on.

Pictured here is Galloway Beach at a low level. The normal place to play is on the far side of this picture. Unfortunately, it was too flushy to do much on the day this photo was taken. There was a place to throw a few ends on the close side, but nothing too special.

So, I hope this helps for you freestyler’s in the area. Have fun, be safe, and see you on the river…

Watch the Tygart Huck Hole Video:
Tygart Huck Hole (6.9mb)

Tygart Huck Hole (785kb)

-Adam Johnson


  1. RiotAJ
    Posted October 21, 2006 at 11:08 pm | #

    Just went back to the hole today, 10/22/06, at 950cfs and it was good to go. Maybe a little less sticky, but ends both ways and cleans, ghetto loops and mcnasties. SYOR, -Adam

  2. RiotAJ
    Posted November 11, 2007 at 6:48 pm | #

    Went back to the same hole today at 4.79′ or 793 cfs on the Philippi gauge and this would probably be a good cutoff for this spot. You can definitely still cartwheel, but sometimes I would hit my stern while cartwheeling left and getting into the greenwater a bit.

    And in other news, the hole directly below the huck hole had this weird wave-hole thing that was deep enough to loop in, so that was sweet. I stuck 1 loop in 2 hours, but it is cool nevertheless when nothing else is running to be able to plug into something and have some sort of gyration happen. I’m not sure what this spot would do if the water rose or decreased. Have a good one,


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