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Going to Chile for a Month

Adam Johnson, Upper Palguin River, Pucon, Chile, Spring 2004
After some deliberation I decided that I wanted to take a trip somewhere exotic to go kayaking. It just so happened that Evan and Ian Garcia were going to Chile and had also been down there for the past two winters. After some discussion and calculation, I decided to pony up, buy the plane ticket, and meet them down there for about a month. Looks like I will be paddling in Pucon and the surrounding area from December 17th to January 7th ish. Should be lots of fun.
For some stories of the rivers they are paddling down there, visit Evan’s blog.
Also, to be updated via a simple text email when WhitewaterFreestyle updates whilst I’m in Chile and elsewhere, click HERE or on the link in the links panel. All you have to do is click and enter your email address = Done! (Note: The previous Blogarithm service has been shut down. This is a different service. If you at one point received updates via Blogarithm, please try this service.)
Picasa Web Album — I will be sure to post photos to my web album during my travels.
Until next time,
-Adam Johnson

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