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Gauley Season 2006

Gauley Dam in 2004, after the hurricane. 15,000 CFS.

This years Gauley Season proves to be one of the most fun seasons ever. Gauleyfest provided a reunion for paddlers and friends. Additionally, it meant that the river was going to be packed solid for Friday and Saturday (September 22 and 23). However, Gauleyfest Sunday, if one were to put on before 10:00 AM, there were about as many people as on a normal Gauley release day, most likely due to the many staggering hangovers combined with the lack of sleep.

The weekends weather for Gauleyfest proved to be rainy. This type of rain was not enough to get anything running, but just enough to get you aggravated and wet. That seems to be the case with most of the rain in WV here these days. On the upside, the rain provided paddlers at the festival with a giant mud pit, where huge 300lbs men could wrestle while the crowd hesitantly watched the beat-downs.

An interesting factoid: When the dam was built and they were deciding what to name it, there was a town that was destroyed when the dam was created. This town was called Gad. So, they toyed with the proposition of calling the dam: “Gad Dam”. Gotta love that.

See you on the river,

-Adam Johnson

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