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Chile Update 3 of 4: Rio Fuy

Yet another Chilean classic. The Rio Fuy is about 3 hours from Pucon and offers great IV+ river running with a few taller ledges and two bigger drops, ranging from 5′ to 25′.

Many of these Chilean runs are creeks that tend to be smaller and fed by snow melt; the Fuy, however, is more river like and has much warmer water. Additionally, not atypical of other Chilean runs, you enter this classic Upper Fuy paddling by yet another volcano…

Ian Garcia, Rio Fuy. Volcano in the distance.
After a few class IV ledges, you come upon a horizon line that is unmistakably La Cascada Leona–a 25′ clean pluggable drop.
For more photos, go HERE.
Jared Seiler dropping into the lip of Cascada Leona.

Ian Garcia runs Leona, Fuy River, Chile.

Evan Garcia below Cascada Leona, Fuy River, Chile.

Put-in bridge to the Lower Fuy–what a picturesque river!

Jared Seiler and Ian Garcia hanging out in between falls, Rio Fuy, Chile.

Bradford of Team Marginal runs Leona Falls, Rio Fuy (alto), Chile.

Looking out from the top of Leona.

Jared Boofs Stout Hole 1…

Gets backendered…

…and saves it, coming out unscathed. Photos: Patt Rogers.

La Puma!

Puma from the top.

Ian and Jared Scouting from Below.

A photo for scale. Notice Patt Rogers sitting in the upper left.
After running the Upper Fuy, the boys had talked a bunch about Puma falls (above); its about 80-90′ tall with a hard lead in (for that size drop anyway), and a weird flake about halfway down. In addition to this, the river right eddy is a recircing eddy of doom with large eddy waves and strange currents. If someone were going to run this, they would have to have people rappell in from the river right to set saftey for this eddy, as a swim here would suck *$%. One day some crazy person will run this thing. That day, after careful inspection from Jared, Evan, and Ian, they called it a negative and we packed up and headed off to the campsite.
Lichen-patchwork at the lip of Puma Falls, Rio Fuy (medio), Pto. Fuy, Chile.
The view from the campsite. More classic Chile with huge lakes and giant mountains.

Stay tuned for the Tour de Stout, coming up next! For now, check out Team Marginal, Evan Garcia’s Blog, and Demshitz! Demshitz are making a movie that is going to be sick! It is scheduled to be out late Spring 2009.

-Adam Johnson

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