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“Best Of” Africa Segment Now Online (Video!)

Adam Johnson on the Nile Special wave

“Best Of” Africa Segment

This is the final completed section of the Best Of video. It includes huge water river running and freestyle footage from Africa, on both the Zambezi and White Nile rivers. Check out the video here:

“Best Of” Africa Segment

“Best Of” Africa Segment (Low Res)

I hope to return to Africa in December 2006. If any world class graduates and/or friends are interested in this pipe dream, please email me (riotaj@hotmail.com).

Additionally, check out the newly posted Z-Spot video by going either to the Riot Blog or by going to Google Videos and searching for “Z-Spot Video (740kb)” or “Z-Spot Video (8.9mb)”. Enjoy,

-Adam Johnson


  1. Anonymous
    Posted March 30, 2006 at 11:48 pm | #

    What’s the song used in this video? It’s definitly Jedi Mind Tricks. I can’t seem to find the song though.

  2. RiotAJ
    Posted April 2, 2006 at 11:49 pm | #

    The song is actually cald “Untitled”. And you are right, it is by jedi mind tricks…

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