© 2009 Adam Johnson Kirk portaging around the high water gorge on the Nevados

Back In Chile

Sometime this fall I decided that it was a good idea to return to Chile for another epic trip. After throwing the idea around with some friends, Bryan Kirk and Isaac Levinson decided to get on board.
Bryan and I chose to leave the 14th of December for Chile, leaving Dulles International at 5:30 in the morning. We tried to get Copa airlines to take our boats, alas, they regected us even before we got to the counter due to some embargo during peak travel times. No matter. We had already coordinated with Rodrigo & Emma at Kayak Pucon to rent boats. So, after some 14 hours on a plane, we arrived in Santiago, caught a ride to La Casa Roja—a sweet hostal—and stayed the night in Santiago. Over the next few days, we were able to rent a sweet four door truck from Alameda Rent-a-car for $50 per day and head south towards Pucon.
Pucon has been amazing this year. We have been fortunate to get even better water than we did last year—getting on runs like the Nevados, Puesco, Desahue, Palguin, and many more. With temperatures in the 70´s and sunny, life is good.
Stay tuned for more updates and photos,
-Adam Johnson
Above Photo: Bryan Kirk boofs one of the many drops on the Puesco River. Photo: Adam Johnson

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