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2010 Year in Review

So 2010 has been and gone without much activity on this world wide webturnets. In 2010 I traveled to California, Oregon, North Carolina, Canada, and did a ton of kayaking in good ol’ West by God. Here are some of the most notable photos from along my journeys:

Running the Gauley at 15k

Early on in the spring we ran the entire Gauley at around 15k. Highly recommended.

Somewhere in between high water Gauley and Mill Creek we did the first mile of Man’s Creek with a solid crew at roughly 15″-17″ and rising. I was a bit apprehensive to put on, but, as I always say, “Rule #1: Always listen to the locals.” And the locals were putting on. So I went. As a note, a normal level on mans is somewhere between the 2″-5″ range. No photos, sorry.

Mill Creek Falls

Shane Groves Boof Stomping Mill Creek Falls near Fayetteville, WV.

Jay Ditty on Eyes

Jay Ditty, the one bladed wonder, Runs Eyes on Deckers Creek, Morgantown, WV.

Brian Mansey on Carcas, Deckers Creek, WV.

Brian Mansey with a Big boof on Carcas, Deckers Creek, WV.

Jay Ditty runs TEETH!

Pretty typical whitewater on Deckers: Dodge rocks that can ring your bell. Love it!

Adam on the North Fork

Adam Johnson out from behind the camera, about to freewheel Double Indemnity, North Fork of the Biznass, WV.

Curtis on Rainbow Room

Curtis runs Rainbow Room with Double Indemnity in the Background. NF Blackwater near Thomas, WV.

Curtis on the Upper B

Classic WV Read and Run. Curtis Heishman putting in on the Upper Blackwater.

May in Cali

I was lucky enough to do some kayaking in Cali with these folks... all of these folks. We were all headed creeking.

SB Middle Feather

This is the South Branch of the Middle Feather. Excellent creek.

This shot doesn’t do it justice, so check out some of Trevor Clark’s shots (thumbnail #11) or EG “the killa’s” writeup. No doubt a creek to add to the bucket list.

Krik on Loves Falls

Bryan Kirk running one of the stouts on the Loves Falls section of the Yuba near Downiville, CA.

Climbing in Morgantown

When it's dry, we go climb some of the local goods. Chris Schwer on the rock.

Epic Backwards Go-rilla

Epic Backwards Go-rilla by one of Brian Randall's friends. He finished A-OK.

Cross bow on the Green

Adam Johnson going for the Cross bow on Frankenstein, Green River Narrows, NC.

Ubiquotus Gorilla shot...

Ubiquitous Gorilla shot...


Sunshine. Big thanks to Brian Randall for the Photos.

Suset at McCoy's

Sunset at McCoy's on the Ottawa

Epic Wind

Epic Wind out at Lachine. Chris almost lost his paddle due to it.

Zonedogg in NY

Zonedogg running the Putin slide on the Beaver, NY. What a warm-up!


Navigating the crowd was harder than navigating the river at Beaverfest. We selectively overlooked this sign...


Geoff Calhoun on the Raquette, NY.

Climbing at Seneca

A sweet traverse climbing at Seneca Rocks, WV.

So that pretty much wraps up 2010. Hope you enjoyed the photos. Would love to hear some comments. As usual, check out my Picasa Web Album to see the photo content from the next post (Dries, and some classic Dub V stout creeking).

Be safe,

Adam in CA

-Adam Johnson

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